Astronomers Have Discovered a Rare ‘Polar Ring Galaxy’ Wrapped in a Huge Ribbon of Hydrogen

A polar ring galaxy.

Galaxies come in many shapes and sizes, from giant, slowly rotating ovals and fast-whirling spiral disks to faint ball-shaped blobs and dwarf irregulars. (Image: Jayanne English (U. Manitoba) / N. Deg (Queen’s U.) via The WALLABY team / CSIRO / ASKAP / NAOJ / Subaru Telescope)

The Mystery of Spirit Photography: The Lincoln Photo and Beyond

Engraved illustration of men surrounding Abraham Lincoln on his deathbed.

Seven years after President Lincoln was assasinated, a ghostly figure appeared behind his wife when she was being photographed. (Image: Naci Yavuz via Dreamstime)

Uncovering the True Cost of Fast Fashion: Where Do Recycled Clothes Really End Up?

A dozer in a landfill.

Aftonbladet revealed that most of the collected garments aren't valuable second-hand items. Instead, they end up as waste in landfills in far-flung places worldwide. (Image: via Pixabay)

The An Yang Paranormal Event: Weapons Mysteriously Disappear From Chinese Arsenal

In 1982, a mysterious paranormal event occurred in An Yang, Henan, where an entire arsenal disappeared overnight without explanation. (Image: Kreangkrai Indarodom via Dreamstime)

4.5 Billion-Year-Old Sahara Space Rock Upends Assumptions About the Early Solar System

The Erg Chech 002 space rock.

In May 2020, some unusual rocks containing distinctive greenish crystals were found in the Erg Chech sand sea, a dune-filled region of the Sahara Desert in southern Algeria. (Image: Steve Jurvetson via Wikimedia)

A New Theory Suggests the Universe Has Been Around Twice as Long as Believed

Galaxy NGC 6822.

Galaxy NGC 6822, neighboring the Milky Way galaxy, being studied to learn more about stars and dust in the early universe. (Image: NASA / James Webb Space Telescope)

Curved Highways: The Evolution and Art of Modern Road Design

Sunny forest curved road at sunset.

Highway designers have long recognized the value of curves in creating safe, efficient, and visually appealing roadways. (Image: Mykyta Starychenko via Dreamstime)

ANITA Experiment and the Multiverse: Is There a Mirror Universe Where Everything Happens in Reverse?

Alignment or array of many Earths, showing the planet in outer space as a 3D rendering illustration to simulate the concept of the multiverse.

Some scientists believe that the mysterious signals detected by the ANITA experiment suggest the existence of a multiverse, wherein multiple universes exist concurrently with our own. (Image: Matthieuclouis via Dreamstime)

This Cave on Borneo Has Rock Art Showing Colonial Resistance 400 Years Ago

Borneo rock art.

The region’s rock art stretches back more than 45,000 years. It’s a unique source of information about this complex human past. (Image: via Andrea Jalandoni)

A Cool Find: A Boy Discovers a Megalodon Shark Tooth in England

The giant megalodon shark tooth.

Ben Evans, an avid fossil hunter, found the four-inch tooth while visiting Walton-on-the-Naze, on the Essex coast in England. (Image: W.Scott Mcgill via Dreamstime)