The Shifen Waterfall in Taiwan

Shifen Waterfall in Taiwan.

Shifen Waterfall in Taiwan. (Image: Billy Shyu via Nspirement)

Taipei’s 2023 Taiwan Lantern Festival

'Starting From the Heart' (從心出發).

One of the auxiliary lanterns at the festival called 'Starting From the Heart' (從心出發). (Image: Billy Shyu via Nspirement.com)

From Award-Winning Author to Inspiring Taiwanese Writer: Hermione Lee’s Story

Taiwanese writer Hermione Lee.

An imaginative author and master of genres, Hermione Lee takes the Taiwanese literary world by storm. (Image: via Hermione Lee)

Ogasawara Mountain Trail in Taiwan Is Famous for Cloud Watching, Stargazing, and Bird-Watching

The Alishan National Forest Recreation Area.

The breathtaking sea of clouds at Alishan National Forest Recreation Area. (Image: via Xiu-Rong Jiang)

The Picturesque Taoyuan Valley in Northeast Taiwan

Taoyuan Valley.

Taoyuan Valley is a famous grassland in northeast Taiwan's Yilan County. (Image: Billy Shyu via Nspirement)

Falun Gong Practitioners Create Powerful Giant Falun and Chinese Characters in Taiwan

The magnificent Falun emblem and character formation in Taipei, Taiwan.

The 2022 Falun Dafa Character and Image Formation in Taipei, Taiwan on November 12, 2022. (Image: Chen Po-chou via The Epoch Times)

The Stunning Longdong Bay in Taiwan

Longdong Bay.

Longdong Bay is an ideal destination for snorkeling, scuba diving, and rock climbing. (Image: Billy Shyu via Nspirment)

An Interesting LOHAS Trip to Yilan, Taiwan

A Tie Niu Li Aka tractor pulling tourists.

Visitors riding behind a single-axle tractor or motorized iron ox cart, a popular LOHAS activity in Taiwan. (Image: Billy Shyu via Nspirement)

Why Germany’s Parliamentary Visit to Taiwan Hit a Nerve in Beijing

German lawmaker's delegation with Tsai Ing-wen.

A delegation of six German lawmakers arrived in Taiwan for a five-day official visit and met the island's president, Tsai Ing-wen. (Image: via Office of the President, Taiwan)

The Beautiful Plum Lake in Taiwan

Plum Lake is a beautiful natural reservoir in northeastern Taiwan.

Plum Lake is a natural reservoir with picturesque hiking trails. (Image: Billy Shyu via Nspirement)