How AI’s Wi-Fi Breakthroughs Open up a Future of Independent Learning and Growing Concerns

Artificial intelligence deepfakes.

With the latest innovations in Wi-Fi technology, AI systems can now utilize Wi-Fi signals as night vision devices, allowing them to see in the dark without additional equipment. (Image: Funtap P via Dreamstime)

How Pigs With Human Brain Cells And Biological Chips Cheat Scientific Ethics

Living cells.

Earlier this month, scientists at the Guangzhou Institutes of Biomedicine and Health announced they had successfully grown 'humanized' kidneys inside pig embryos. (Image: qimono via Pixabay)

Virtual Influencers: Meet the AI-Generated Figures Posing as Your New Online Friends

Virtual influencers.

Virtual influencers are transforming the way content is created, consumed and marketed online. (Image: @lilmiquela and @shudu.gram via Instagram)

Technology Companies and Autism: A New Era of Inclusion

Photo of a group of business people each holding a brightly colored gear and combining them to illustrate a teamwork concept.

Companies are recognizing and valuing the unique strengths of autistic employees, emphasizing their potential and dedication in supportive work environments. (Image: Alphaspirit via Dreamstime)

Why Do I Get So Much Spam and Unwanted Emails in My Inbox?

An inbox full of unanswered emails.

Despite all the spam being removed by spam-filtering technologies, most people still receive spam every day. (Image: gabrielle_cc via Pixabay)

U.S. Military Plans to Unleash Thousands of Autonomous War Robots Over the Next 2 Years

A soldier launching a drone.

The United States military plans to start using thousands of autonomous weapons systems in the next two years in a bid to counter China’s growing power. (Image: Army Maj. Jason Elmore)

AI Systems Have Learned How to Deceive Humans: What Does That Mean for Our Future?

Computer coding.

Artificial intelligence pioneer Geoffrey Hinton made headlines earlier this year when he raised concerns about the capabilities of AI systems. (Image: Pexels via Pixabay)

The Cute and Cuddly World of Robots: Bringing Joy and Innovation

A robot waving.

Recently, robot companions, designed with cuteness, have captured people's hearts and revolutionized industries, households, and how you perceive technology. (Image: Teerawat Winyarat via Dreamstime)

Finding the Perfect Headphones: Your Ultimate Guide

Smiling young woman wearing headphones.

Whether you want affordable earbuds for your daily commute, wireless over-ears for gaming, or high-end audiophile cans, the options are out there. (Image: Rohappy via Dreamstime)

The Race Toward Singularity: The Evolution of Boston Dynamics and AI Language Models

A Boston Dynamics robot.

In the world of technology, both robotics and AI (Artificial Intelligence) language models have rapidly advanced, with robots becoming more human-like and AI learning to interact like people. (Image: via Boston Dynamics)