Virtual Influencers: Meet the AI-Generated Figures Posing as Your New Online Friends

Virtual influencers.

Virtual influencers are transforming the way content is created, consumed and marketed online. (Image: @lilmiquela and @shudu.gram via Instagram)

Technology Companies and Autism: A New Era of Inclusion

Photo of a group of business people each holding a brightly colored gear and combining them to illustrate a teamwork concept.

Companies are recognizing and valuing the unique strengths of autistic employees, emphasizing their potential and dedication in supportive work environments. (Image: Alphaspirit via Dreamstime)

Why Do I Get So Much Spam and Unwanted Emails in My Inbox?

An inbox full of unanswered emails.

Despite all the spam being removed by spam-filtering technologies, most people still receive spam every day. (Image: gabrielle_cc via Pixabay)

U.S. Military Plans to Unleash Thousands of Autonomous War Robots Over the Next 2 Years

A soldier launching a drone.

The United States military plans to start using thousands of autonomous weapons systems in the next two years in a bid to counter China’s growing power. (Image: Army Maj. Jason Elmore)

AI Systems Have Learned How to Deceive Humans: What Does That Mean for Our Future?

Computer coding.

Artificial intelligence pioneer Geoffrey Hinton made headlines earlier this year when he raised concerns about the capabilities of AI systems. (Image: Pexels via Pixabay)

The Cute and Cuddly World of Robots: Bringing Joy and Innovation

A robot waving.

Recently, robot companions, designed with cuteness, have captured people's hearts and revolutionized industries, households, and how you perceive technology. (Image: Teerawat Winyarat via Dreamstime)

Finding the Perfect Headphones: Your Ultimate Guide

Smiling young woman wearing headphones.

Whether you want affordable earbuds for your daily commute, wireless over-ears for gaming, or high-end audiophile cans, the options are out there. (Image: Rohappy via Dreamstime)

The Race Toward Singularity: The Evolution of Boston Dynamics and AI Language Models

A Boston Dynamics robot.

In the world of technology, both robotics and AI (Artificial Intelligence) language models have rapidly advanced, with robots becoming more human-like and AI learning to interact like people. (Image: via Boston Dynamics)

Beginning of the End: How Elon Musk’s Removal of the Block Function on X Could Trigger Its Hellish Demise

X, formerly Twitter.

X (formerly Twitter) chairman Elon Musk tweeted he would be removing the microblogging platform’s block function. (Image: Ifeelstock via Dreamstime)

Beware of These 10 Bad Habits in Cell Phone Usage to Protect Your Privacy

Using a cell phone.

A single button press could result in financial loss or leakage of your private information. (Image: Sasinparaksa via Dreamstime)