Chinese Culture

5 Legendary Dreams of Chinese Folklore

Illustration of a man in ancient Chinese robes taking a nap while a dragon swirls over his head in a misty cloud.

Five dreams from Chinese folklore, passed down from ancient times, offer profound insights into the realities of life. (Image: Winnie Wange via Kanzhongguo)

The Inspirational Story of Kou Zhun’s Mother: A Lesson in Moral Education

Chinese painting of Kou Zhun, an official during the Northern Song Dynasty.

Kou Zhun, a renowned minister during the Northern Song Dynasty, was profoundly shaped by the moral education and guidance bestowed upon him by his devoted mother. (Image: Public Domain via Wikimedia)

Historical Tale From China: Murong Yanchao Outsmarts a Swindler

The tower in Kaiyuan Temple with cherry blossoms.

During the Later Han Dynasty (947-950), Yunzhou's leading commander, Murong Yanchao, was celebrated for his exceptional wit and knack for capturing thieves. (Image: Listen900701 via Dreamstime)

The Power of Emotional Healing in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Double rainbow over a field of yellow flowers with a tree in the background.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that ailments of the heart require emotional remedies, emphasizing the intricate connection between unresolved thoughts and physical diseases. (Image: Alexander Ozerov via Dreamstime)

Wealth and Fate: The Salt Merchant’s Ambitious Son

Vintage open chest, coins on a wooden table, and a bright light from inside the chest.

Wealth may flow abundantly, but it's our fate that truly dictates its lasting impact on our lives. (Image: Elena Sergeeva via Dreamstime)

Story From Ancient China: Wang Wei Identifies the Melon Thief

Illustration of an ancient Chinese scholar seated beneath a tree.

Wang Wei, a renowned poet of the Tang Dynasty, came up with an ingenious method to identify a melon thief. (Image: Zhang Daqian via artnet)

2 Stories of Self-Defense Using Courage and Wisdom in Ancient China

The Great Wall of China.

During the Tang Dynasty of ancient China, King Teng was known for his highly lewd and immoral disposition. (Image: Yuri Yavnik via Dreamstime)

Traditional Chinese Hairstyles: Which Ones Have Stood the Test of Time


The traditional Chinese hairstyle has had many iterations, but many still appreciate its classic look. While most of them are often harder to follow compared to other modern hairstyles, their aesthetic can be appreciated. (Image: Public Domain)

Song Dynasty Love Story: The Tale of Liu Tingyi

Artwork titled 'Lone Scholar in the Autumn Woods' by Zhang Daqian, using ink and color on paper.

Liu Tingyi was an official during the Song Dynasty renowned for his unwavering love and commitment to his blind wife, a tale that even moved the famous poet, Su Dongpo. (Image: Zhang Daqian via artnet)

Essential Uses that Round Bronze Mirrors Played in Ancient China

A Chinese bronze mirror.

A bronze mirror was used as one of the daily essentials for the ancient Chinese people. (Image: 192451732 via Dreamstime)