Chinese Culture

Son Honors a Very Special Mother

Be kind to unkind people.

His mother brought lunch to him while he worked in the field. However, this bad tempered son did not care for or respect his mother, and he would beat her with his cattle whisking bamboo stick. (Image: Maria Marganingsih via Dreamstime)

Elderly Man Tricked a Rich Boy Into Losing His Fortune

Gold ingots.

Born into a respected family with wealth, riches, and good fortune, you would imagine that would be a great start in life. It turns out that this can be a mixed blessing. (Image: Pleprakaymas via Dreamstime)

Why the Color Yellow Filled the World of Ancient Chinese Culture

A golden buddha statue with a yellow robe.

Yellow has been regarded as the color from Heaven since ancient times. (Image: Protects Tachapanit via Dreamstime)

The 5 Great Projects of Qin Shi Huang

The Great Wall of China.

The Great Wall of China. (Image: gmshtwjl via Pixabay)

Critical Situation: Cao Cao’s Horses Trampled on the Wheat Field

Statue of Cao Cao in his chariot.

Cao Cao's horses were startled and bolted into the wheat field, trampling the wheat. (Image: nekotank via Flickr)

The Ancient History of Tea

A Chinese teapot, cup of tea, and fresh tea leaves.

The world’s most-popular beverage — after water — is steeped in tradition and history. (Image: Zzorik via Dreamstime)

The Critical Importance of Family Precepts

Multi-generational festive family gathering.

A multi-generational festive family gathering In traditional Chinese culture — great emphasis is placed on family education and cultivation of a good character. (Image: via Wikimedia Commons)

Pure Intentions: Shen Yun Principal Dancer Chelsea Cai

Chelsea Cai from Shen Yun Performing Arts.

Chelsea Cai from Shen Yun Performing Arts. (Image: via Shen Yun Performing Arts)

The Legendary Tale of Houyi and Chang’e, Goddess of the Moon

A painting of Cheng'e, the Goddess of the Moon.

The enchanting tale of Houyi and Chang'e, his beautiful wife. (Image: via Wikimedia Commons)

10 Popular Ancient Chinese Garments

Qing Dynasty imperial clothing.

In ancient China, clothing worn by emperors, noblemen, and officials used colors and patterns to signify rank. (Image: Waihs via Dreamstime)