Chinese Culture

The History and Cultural Significance of Chinese Fans

A dancer holding a Chinese fan.

Chinese fans have transcended social classes and backgrounds, weaving their way into the fabric of society. (Image: Jose Gil via Dreamstime)

Ancient Technology: The Timekeeping Stone That Rings at Set Intervals

Was there a timekeeping stone?

The villager decided to bring the rock home as a toy for his child to play with, and after a few days, the family noticed something peculiar about the stone: Every noon and midnight, the stone would emit a 'clanging' sound. Perplexed, the man placed the stone on his family shrine for safekeeping. (Image: Martin Novak via Dreamstime)

Chinese Folklore: Li Chushi’s Divination

3D rendering of the Yin-Yang symbol contained within a glass sphere.

A Tang Dynasty official's encounter with a Taoist adept leads to the miraculous recovery of his ailing wife when he acknowledges the divine and embraces humility. (Image: Rolffimages via Dreamstime)

Remembering the Tragic Events of July 20, 1999, in China

The Tian Guo Marching Band outside the Victorian State Library in Melbourne.

The Tian Guo Marching Band outside the Victorian State Library in Melbourne. (Image: via Trisha Haddock)

Ancient Tale: The Emperor’s Savior

Mural showing an ancient Chinese warrior with his horse.

The future emperor was saved when an unknown cavalryman gave up his mount for him in the midst of battle. (Image: Chen Li via Dreamstime)

Historic Chinese Tales Reveal the Consequences of Good and Evil Deeds

Mural of a bronze Buddha with his disciple kneeling in the front to pray.

Divine eyes bear witness: Each act of good or evil is repaid in kind. (Image: Shanshan533 via Dreamstime)

Unveiling the Secrets of Ancient Chinese Summer Cooling Methods

The Beijing Summer Palace.

Upon returning home, Zheng told her husband what had happened in the palace. (Image: Bertrandb via Dreamstime)

Yan Ying’s Wisdom and Virtue: A Beacon of Integrity from the Spring and Autumn Periods

Illustration of Yan Ying, Chinese philosopher and minister of the state of Qi during China's Spring and Autumn Period.

During China's Spring and Autumn Period, Yan Ying's wisdom and virtue made him a masterful diplomat with an enduring legacy. (Image: Public Domain via Wikimedia)

Overcoming Fate: A Chinese Family Reshapes Their Destiny

The Huai River wetland park.

For generations, a Chinese family grappled with a watery curse, their destiny entwined with its deceptive calm. (Image: Hejinghua via Dreamstime)

Chinese Cultural History: Showing Prosperity Through Long Fingernails

Empress Dowager Cixi with long fingernails.

During the Qing period (1644-1912), the long nail fashion peaked under Empress Dowager Cixi. She covered the eight-inch nails on her ring and pinky fingers with gem-studded, eye-catching nail protectors. (Image: via Public Domain)