What Was the ‘Catastrophic Implosion’ of the Titan Submersible? An Expert Explains

An Ocean Gate submersible vehicle underwater.

The four day-long search for the missing Titan submersible has come to a tragic end. (Image: via Ocean Gate)

Qantas Flight Mayday: Can a Plane Normally Fly on Just One Engine?

Qantas Boeing 767 taxis on the runway.

Emergency crews were on standby in the event of an emergency upon landing, luckily the plane touched down safely. (Image: Gordon Tipene via Dreamstime)

Floods in Germany Cause Financial Worries for Home Owners

A flooded German road.

The flooding in Germany has put many people in fear of falling into debt due to lack of insurance coverage. (Image: Hermann Rohr)

1958: Mao Zedong’s War on Sparrows

A Eurasian tree sparrow.

A file image of a Eurasian tree sparrow. (Image: Catherinka via Dreamstime)

Shepherd Saves 6 Runners in Deadly Gansu Ultramarathon

People running a marathon.

The ultramarathon held in Gansu, China, on Saturday, May 22, met with extreme weather that killed 21 runners. (Image: Warrengoldswain via Dreamstime)

China Floods: The Yellow River Will Face More Heavy Rain

A flooded house under water.

The floods have affected millions of people. (Image: Rakonjac Srdjan via Dreamstime)

CCP Officials Pay Scant Attention to Flood Victims

Three Gorges Dam Under Scrutiny as China Reels Under Heavy Flooding

The Three Gorges Dam.

China's Three Gorges Dam is under scrutiny as the country suffers severe flooding. (Image: Wikipedia King via Wikimedia Commons)

Locust Swarms: Global Food Security in Danger

A locust feeding on wheat.

The world is currently experiencing one of the worst locust outbreaks seen in decades. (Image: christels via Pixabay)

10 Measures to Protect Yourself From the Coronavirus

People wearing face masks in China.

The consequences of China’s harsh measures to halt the virus — restricting the movement of about 700 million people at one point. (Image: via Wikimedia Commons)