Hong Kong

Hong Kong Students to Have More Compulsory ‘Red’ Study Trips to Mainland China

A birdseye view of some Hong Kong school students during an excursion.

In April 2023, Hong Kong's Chief Secretary Eric Chan bid farewell to about 200 Hong Kong high school students at the West Kowloon High-Speed Rail Station. This was the first batch to embark on the first-ever mandatory trip to mainland China after these visits were included as part of the new 'revolutionary education.' (Image: Wolfgang Kaiser via Dreamstime)

Uncanny Prognostications: Hong Kong’s Future Interpreted Through Horse Portents

Jockeys and horses compete in the race at Sha Tin Racecourse in Hong Kong.

A series of unusual incidents in Hong Kong's horse racing scene is sparking beliefs that they may foreshadow the city's challenging journey and future amidst societal changes. (Image: Sakuragirin via Dreamstime)

Hong Kong, the ‘Pearl of the Orient’, Annexed by China

Former Hong Kong Governor Chris Patten.

In July 2022, Chris Patten, the former Governor of Hong Kong, published 'The Hong Kong Diaries', which coincided with the 25th anniversary of the British transferring Britain's sovereign power of Hong Kong to China. (Image: via Chris Pattern)

Li Yi’s Unfinished Memoir: A Hongkonger’s Journey Through Turmoil and the Struggle for Freedom

Photo of Li Yi displayed at a remembrance ceremony after his death.

Li Yi, a famous Hong Kong writer and media personality, passed away in October 2022, at the age of 86. (Image: Chunyin via Radio Free Asia)

The U.S. Consul General in Hong Kong Is Friendly to the People

Chinese congee in a plastic cup.

When the U.S. Consul General posted two photos on Facebook of a diplomat eating congee at a street restaurant in Causeway Bay, netizens responded warmly. (Image: James Andrews via Dreamstime)

Hong Kong Has Dropped to the Bottom of the Press Freedom Rankings

A man sitting outside reading a newspaper in Hong Kong.

A recent opinion survey shows that public satisfaction with Hong Kong's media has hit rock bottom. (Image: Tuomaslehtinen via Dreamstime)

Famous Novelist Ni Kuang Predicted the Destruction of Hong Kong

Ni Kuang and some of his novels

Author Ni Kuang had a deep understanding of the nature of the Chinese Communist Party and once said that for Chinese people, 'anti-communism is patriotism.' (Image via hkmdb.com)

How ‘Iron Lady’ Margaret Thatcher Saw Hong Kong and Communism

'Iron Lady' Margaret Thatcher.

Margaret Thatcher, former British Prime Minister and Leader of the Conservative party, at a press conference on July 1, 1991 in London (Image: David Fowler via Dreamstime)

Beijing Hardliners Target Hong Kong Cleric Cardinal Zen

Hong Kong cleric Cardinal Joseph Zen.

Cardinal Joseph Zen, retired bishop of Hong Kong sometime in 2019. (Image: via Jindřich Nosek [NoJin])

1.87 Million Hongkongers Plan to Leave HK for Good

People waiting in line to go through the security checkpoint before boarding their flights at the Hong Kong airport.

According to a leading public opinion research institute, about a quarter of Hong Kong residents intend to leave the city permanently. (Image: Valentin Armianu via Dreamstime)