Peace and Conflict

Remembering the Tragic Events of July 20, 1999, in China

The Tian Guo Marching Band outside the Victorian State Library in Melbourne.

The Tian Guo Marching Band outside the Victorian State Library in Melbourne. (Image: via Trisha Haddock)

The Highly Secretive Five Eyes Alliance Has Disrupted a China-Backed Hacker Group

Flags of Australia, Canada, the U.S., the UK, and New Zealand with the image of an eye on them to symbolize the Five Eyes alliance.

Using stealth techniques, the attacker – referred to as “Volt Typhoon” – exploited existing resources in compromised networks in a technique called 'living off the land'. (Image: Dennis Desmond)

The Black Sea Drone Incident: Avoiding ‘Accidental’ War

A Russian jet spraying a U.S. drone with fuel.

Released by the Pentagon, the drone’s own video captures the Russian aircraft apparently spraying the drone with fuel, then deliberately colliding with it. (Image: via U.S. European Command / handout)

The World of Surveillance Has Tried Everything From Schoolchildren to Trained Cats

Pigeons used for surveillance.

Intelligence agencies have long used not just human agents, but animal ones too. (Image: via Public domain)

China Spy Balloon Controversy: The CCP’s Civil-Military Integration Strategy

The Chinese spy balloon.

The suspected Chinese spy balloon flies in the sky over Billings, Montana, on February 1, in this picture obtained from social media. (Image: Chase Doak via YouTube)

Ukrainian Freedom Orchestra’s Musical Mission to Defend Their Country and Raise Funds for Victims

Ukraine smoke flag isolated on a black background.

An all-Ukrainian ensemble composed of notable musicians from Ukrainian cities is on a musical mission to raise funds and spirits. (Image: Vladm via Dreamstime)

Schindler of the East: John Rabe (Part 2)

Bodies of victims along Qinhuai River.

Upon seizing Nanjing, Japanese soldiers conducted mass killings and other atrocities as they ravaged the Chinese citizens during the Second Sino-Japanese War. (Image: Public Domain via Wikimedia)

Schindler of the East: John Rabe (Part 1)

Portrait of John Rabe.

John Rabe, a German businessman, is known to the world for setting up a safe zone during the Second Sino-Japanese War in China (1937-1945) and saving 250,000 Chinese people. (Image: DrSivle via Wikimedia)

Alexander the Great’s Conquest of the Persian Empire

The Battle of the Granicus

'The Battle of the Granicus' (1665) by Charles Le Brun depicts Alexander the Great at the center of the cavalry battle. (Image: Public Domain)

Beijing Is the ‘Greatest Challenge’ Confronting the US, Says CIA Director

A mobile phone open to the CIA's homepage is sticking out of the pocket of a pair of blue jeans.

William Burns, the CIA Director, has labeled China as the 'greatest challenge' confronting the U.S. (Image: Piotr Swat via Dreamstime)