Why Is Japan the Only Country in the World Without Beggars?

A homeless person in Japan.

According to statistics, there are more than 2,000 homeless people in Tokyo. (Image: Eric Kitayama via Dreamstime)

How Plato’s Allegory of the Cave Is Relevant in Today’s World of Fake News

Blocks spelling fake and fact.

The lessons of the Allegory of the Cave, or Plato's Cave, remain relevant in modern society and relate to the prevalence of fake news. (Image: Panuwat Dangsungnoen via Dreamstime)

History: Why It’s Important


The most important lesson of history is learning how to adapt and improve as a society for the sake of humanity. (Image: Firebrandphotography via Dreamstime)

Why Is Long Hair Attractive?

Young brunette woman with long hair.

Beauty and long hair is not just modern fad; it goes a long way back in history. (Image: Branislav Ostojic via Dreamstime)

How Many of These Top 10 Chinese Internet Buzzwords Do You Know?

Bright yellow sign that says 'Lockdown' is hanging on a metal fence with houses seen in the blurred background.

The 'last generation' is the most impactful Internet buzzword for young people in mainland China. The phrase was taken from a video circulating in Shanghai during lockdown. (Image: Sergii Sverdielov via Dreamstime)

Can a Lack of Sleep Make You Selfish?

Alarm clock on a bedside table.

According to the U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC), people aged 18 to 60 need seven or more hours of sleep every night for better health. (Image: Stevanovicigor via Dreamstime)

Culture War: The Struggle of a Losing Battle in American Education

Young female Asian student.

The most significant dispute between parents is often their choices for their children's future. (Image: Sarayuth Punnasuriyaporn via Dreamstime)

A Simple Guide for Homeschooling: Parents and Students

Mother helping her young daughter with a school lesson.

As parents or educators in charge, we should support trying different tactics until we find the best plan for each learner while considering individual variances in habits and preferences. (Image: Trendsetterimages via Dreamstime)

Childhood Anxiety During the Pandemic

Child wearing a mask looking out of a window.

As of November 23, more than a quarter of the Chinese population has been quarantined in various forms due to the Chinese government’s zero-COVID virus patient policy. (Image: Joa Souza via Dreamstime)

COVID Pandemic Is Causing Addiction and Cognitive Stunting in Children

Boy using a mobile phone.

Most boundaries are for a good cause, and it's to avoid over-the-line actions that lead to excessive use of anything or, in some cases, addiction. (Image: Prudencio Alvarez via Dreamstime)