Modern Africans and Europeans Have More Neanderthal Ancestry Than Previously Thought

Neanderthals interbred.

After sequencing the Neanderthal genome, a team of Princeton researchers led by Joshua Akey discovered that all modern humans carry some Neanderthal ancestry in their DNA — including Africans, which was not previously known. (Image: Matilda Luk via Office of Communications)

Norimitsu Odachi: The Mysterious Giant Sword of Okayama

European Companies Not Profiting From China’s Belt and Road Initiative

European countries left our of China's Belt and Road Initiative.

China's Belt and Road Initiative. (Image: via Wikimedia Commons)

A Chinese Tribe That Makes Clothing From Fish

A Hezhen tribe member.

The Hezhen tribe is known for making clothes from fish skins. (Image: Screenshot via YouTube)

Exploring the Interiors of Mongolia Like a Nomad

Mongolian nomads in their dwelling.

Visiting Mongolia and living with the nomads can give you a very unique experience of life. (Image: David Baxendale via Flickr)

Chinese Government Now Forcing Uyghurs to Use Sinicized Furniture

A Uyghur father and son sharing with a friend.

The Uyghur people are being forced to Sinicize their furniture. (Image: via Wikimedia Commons)

Ceramic Pillows: How People in the Song Era Used to Sleep

A Chinese ceramic pillow.

Ceramic pillows were at the peak of their popularity during the Song Dynasty in China. (Image: via Flickr)

Australia’s Secret Mission to Protect ‘Dinosaur Trees’ From Bushfires

‘Wollemi pines,’ also known as ‘dinosaur trees.'

‘Wollemi pines,’ also known as ‘dinosaur trees,’ have been on the planet for millions of years. (Image: Akerbeltz via Wikimedia Commons)

Genius and Beauty: What Zhuge Liang Valued

The Summer Palace in Beijing.

The painting 'Zhu Geliang Breaks Wei Bing,' The Summer Palace, Beijing (Image: via Wikimedia Commons)

How Thousand-Year-Old Indigenous Knowledge Can Help Ecologists in Conservation Efforts

An Australian Aborigine.

Australian Aborigines had an effective system for managing fires. (Image: itimlin via Pixabay)