How to Decode What Your Acne Shows About You

Acne face mapping.

Through understanding some basic face-mapping, you can know what your acne is telling you and take the right course of action. (Image: Chernetskaya via Dreamstime)

Garlic: 8 Natural Remedies

Cloves of garlic sitting on a wooden surface.

foods such as wolfberry, garlic, and ginger are good for preventing blood clots. (Image: Kjokkenutstyr Net via Flickr)

The Many Medicinal Uses of Ginger

Fresh ginger.

Although ginger is Chinese medicine, it is also a popular cooking ingredient for Asian food. (Image: Leo_65 via Pixabay)

Understand Your Acne Through Face Mapping

Chinese face mapping.

Face mapping is a Chinese technique believed to be helpful in determining the health of a person by assessing the condition of their face. (Image: Screenshot via YouTube)