Traditional Chinese Medicine: What Can You Do for a Stroke, Fainting Spell, or Heart Attack?

Man having a heart attack.

How does one react to emergencies like a fainting or panic attack, heart attack, or stroke? According to Ellen Nguyen, traditional Chinese medicine has always had a first aid method. (Image: Suriyaphoto via Dreamstime)

4 Acupoints to Control Blood Sugar and Diabetes

Feet at the beach covered in sand.

Moisture is another factor that contributes to sand’s sticking properties. Water acts as a binder, causing sand grains to stick to each other and on surfaces. So, when sand becomes damp, it becomes more sticky. (Image: via Needpix)

How Neiguan (P-6) and Just Your Hand Can Treat Your Entire Body

The neiguan acupuncture point is located on the wrist, just below the hand.

(Image: via Public Domain)

Massaging Acupuncture Points: An Easy Way to Relieve Common Health Issues

Accupressure being applied to patient's arm.

Most of us know that acupuncture can help to treat and relieve symptoms of many ailments. But did you know that even just massaging acupuncture points can provide relief? (Image: Screenshot via YouTube)

Bumping the Back Stimulates Acupuncture Points

Partial close-up of a male acupuncture doll.

Lower back pain is a common condition affecting millions of people. (Image: Ina Hensel via Dreamstime)

3 Acupuncture Points That Can Help Relieve Sciatica

Special Acupuncture Points for Relieving Leg Cramps

Bent cramped leg with red hot spot.

Leg cramps are most commonly experienced in the calf or the toes and can be very uncomfortable. (Image: via

8 Ancient Chinese Tips for Long Life

Massaging the shoulders.

Here are several ancient Chinese health tips that are inexpensive, simple to do, and believed to be very beneficial for health. (Image: Mariolh via Pixabay)