Here’s How Astronomers Are Looking for Alien Life Beyond Earth

A radio telescope listening for alien messages.

The earliest written record presenting the idea of 'aliens' is seen in the satiric work of Assyrian writer Lucian of Samosata dated to A.D. 200. (Image: 12222786 via Pixabay)

Are Mermaids Aliens?

CIA Declassified: What’s Inside the Pyramids on Mars?

Should We Try to Look for Alien Intelligence?


The skies have been scanned for decades, looking for any alien messages. (Image: James Webb Space Telescope via NASA)

CIA Declassified Files Revealed: Are There Really People and Pyramids on Mars?

Composite image of a barren planet with a reddish hue, a pyramid, and an extraterrestrial.

Discover the amazing secrets from declassified CIA documents regarding investigation into the huge pyramid on Mars and what might be inside. (Image: Mikel Davis via Nspirement)

Are Mermaids Aliens?

A wooden carving of a mermaid.

Legends of mermaids can be found in the artwork of civilizations from around the world but where do they actually come from? (Image: Sethtagorn Choosawat via Dreamstime)

Lasers Could Be Used as a Porch Light to Attract Alien Astronomers

Such a signal could be detectable by alien astronomers performing a cursory survey of our section of the Milky Way — especially if those astronomers live in nearby systems, such as around Proxima Centauri, the nearest star to Earth. (Image: Mediengestalter via Pixabay)

The Absence of Phosphorus Places Doubt About Life on Other Planets

A 15 cm-wide fragment of the Seymchan iron-nickel meteorite found in Russia in 1967. The long filament of dark grey material in the center is the phosphorus-rich mineral schreibersite. (Credit: M. Pasek / University of South Florida)

New Theory Says Aliens May Be More Like Us Than We Think

A new study indicates that aliens may potentially be shaped by the same processes and mechanisms that shaped humans, like natural selection. (Image: Computerizer via Pixabay)