Is It Okay to Kiss Your Pet? The Risk of Animal-Borne Diseases Is Small, but Real

A woman kissing her dog.

Our relationship with pets has changed drastically in recent decades. Pet ownership is at an all-time high, with a recent survey finding 69 percent of Australian households have at least one pet. (Image: RebeccasPictures via Pixabay)

Animals That Repaid the People Who Saved Them

A man walking his dog.

All things in this world have a spiritual nature, including animals. Saved animals will always repay the benefactors who helped them. (Image: Karoline Thalhofer via Dreamstime)

Horrible Retribution for Cruelty to Animals

Large group of African safari animals.

Our actions create karma and the consequences of those actions will inevitably come. (Image: Sarayut Thaneerat via Dreamstime)

Australia’s Extinct Giant Eagle Was Big Enough to Snatch Koalas From Trees

A wedge-tailed eagle on the ground.

Dynatoaetus gaffae was twice the size of the wedge-tailed eagle we know today. (Image: via Mike Lee)

Aussie Native Bees Steal the Show With Unique Social and Foraging Behaviors

The head of a native bee.

Australian native bees have evolved complex social structures and foraging behaviors that help biologists answer longstanding questions, such as the origins of social behavior, and the drivers of increased biodiversity. (Image: James Dorey via Flinders University)

The World of Surveillance Has Tried Everything From Schoolchildren to Trained Cats

Pigeons used for surveillance.

Intelligence agencies have long used not just human agents, but animal ones too. (Image: via Public domain)

Animals Are Sentient and Intelligent Beings

A Friesian calf in front of a hay bale.

The heartbroken calf wailed and mooed in grief for many days afterward. (Image: Stephen Denness via Dreamstime)

Do Animals Use a Sixth Sense to Escape Earthquakes and Tsunamis?

Sign posted at a beach declaring it to be a tsunami zone.

It seems that animals have a sixth sense that allows them to escape from the devastation caused by earthquakes and tsunamis. (Image: Oseland via Dreamstime)

Animal Communication Superpowers (Part 2)

A dog and a cat sitting together.

It’s been shown that small animals not only have emotions like human beings, but also have superpowers which go beyond our human capabilities. (Image: Alessandro Pinto via Dreamstime)

Animal Communication Superpowers (Part 1)

A cute small dog.

Have you ever wished someone could shed some light on the inner workings of your pet’s mind? (Image: Vu Tat thanh bui huy vu via Dreamstime)