Scientists Track Sudden Disappearance of Antarctic Ice Shelf Lake

Antarctic ice shelf.

Detailed observations enable better understanding of future ice shelf stability. (Image: Gallila-Photo via Pixabay)

Antarctica Records Hottest Temperature in History

Antarctic ice shelf is melting.

The continent of Antarctica registered its hottest day ever recently with a temperature of 64.9°F. (Image: SarahNic via Pixabay)

First-Ever Images at Foundation of Notorious Antarctic Glacier

ITGC researchers retrieve the robotic submarine Icefin.

ITGC researchers Britney Schmidt and Andy Mullen retrieve the robotic submarine Icefin after its last dive to the seafloor foundations of Thwaites Glacier. Icefin was engineered in Schmidt's lab at Georgia Tech. (Image: International Thwaites Dichek via Glacier Collaboration / Georgia Tech-Schmidt)

Climate Gas Budgets Highly Overestimate Methane Discharge

Arctic methane discharge.

There are effectively only two seasons in the High Arctic — a long winter and a milder summer season. Arctic Ocean bottom water temperatures vary greatly from winter to summer season. This is also evident in the study area offshore Svalbard. (Image: B. Ferré via CAGE, UiT)

China Moving Into the Arctic and Antarctic

Icebergs in the Arctic.

According to the U.S. Geological Survey, 68 percent of the world's fresh water is locked up in icecaps and glaciers, a little over 30 percent is in groundwater, and only 0.3 percent is in surface waters, such as lakes and rivers. (Image: via Pixabay)

Understanding How Quickly Massive Antarctic Glaciers Could Collapse

The Thwaites Glacier.

Reconnaissance flight over the Thwaites Glacier. (Image: U.S. Antarctic Program via U.S. National Science Foundation)