The Top 8 Superfoods

Various colorful superfoods such as acai powder, turmeric, matcha green tea, quinoa, pumpkin seeds, blueberries, dried goji berries, cape gooseberries, raw cocoa, hemp seeds, and others in bowls on a marble surface with blocks spelling the words "super foods."

Incorporating superfoods into your daily diet can usher in a plethora of health benefits. (Image: Alexander Raths via Dreamstime)

Ghee and Its Health Benefits: The Golden Superfood of Indian Cuisine

Clay pot with a spoon, both filled with ghee.

Ghee is a golden gift from nature with diverse applications in cooking and healing. (Image: Strannikfox via Dreamstime)

Healthy Foods That Promote a Sunless Natural Tan

Woman with sunscreen dabbed on her leg.

Throughout history, sun-kissed skin has been highly prized as a symbol of beauty and vitality. (Image: Martinmark via Dreamstime)

5 Amazing Health Benefits of Lotus Seeds

Lotus seeds.

Lotus seeds, also known as 'Lian Zi' in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), are often used in procedures due to their health benefits. (Image: Jinfeng Zhang via Dreamstime)

Health Benefits of Papaya, the Fruit of Longevity

Teenage boy relaxing in hotel pool while eating papaya.

The sweltering heat of summer can be overwhelming, but enjoying a refreshing slice of papaya can offer a delicious respite and nourish your health. (Image: Alena Ozerova via Dreamstime)

Is There a Limit to How Many Antioxidants You Can Take?


Like vitamins and minerals, your body needs antioxidants to stay healthy. The real question is, how many antioxidants are good for you, and is there a limit to how many you can take? (Image: Rawpixelimages via Dreamstime)

Unlock the Secrets to Weight Loss With the Roselle Plant!

The roselle plant.

The roselle is known for its many health benefits, especially its antioxidant properties, which can result in weight loss by decreasing fat absorption. (Image: Artaporn Puthikampol via Dreamstime)

Mushroom Coffee: Does the Hype Live Up to Its Health Benefits?

A cup of mushroom coffee.

If you're on the hunt for a more health-conscious coffee option, mushroom coffee is increasingly becoming the preferred brew of choice. (Image: Gulsina Shaina via Dreamstime)

Health Benefits of Consuming Honey-Fermented Garlic

A jar of honey-fermented garlic.

Garlic and honey may seem like two different entities to be enjoyed separately. And indeed, they may not seem yummy when taken together. But you can ferment them together to get the garlic-honey mixture benefits. (Image: Stephanie Frey via Dreamstime)

5 Reasons Daikon May Be Better Than Ginseng in Winter

Sliced daikon radish in a glass bowl on a wooden surface next to whole daikon radishes.

There is an old Chinese saying: 'Eat daikon in winter and ginseng in summer and there's no need to take medicine.' (Image: Milovan Radmanovac via Dreamstime)