Different Types of Clouds and Their Characteristics

Cirrostratus clouds.

Hazy cirrostratus and cirrocumulus cloud formations. (Image: Thomas Hertwig via Dreamstime)

Airglow Makes the Sky Green, Yellow, and Red Too

Airglow seen from space.

Look up on a clear sunny day and you will see a blue sky. But is this the true color of the sky? Or is it the only color of the sky? (Image: via NASA)

NASA’s Webb Reveals Steamy Atmosphere of Distant Planet in Detail

NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope.

In space, the telescope itself must be kept extremely cold in order to be able to detect the infrared light from faint and very distant objects. To protect the telescope from external sources of light and heat (like the sun, Earth, and moon) as well as from heat emitted by the observatory itself, a five-layer, tennis court-sized sunshield acts like a parasol providing shade. The sunshield separates the observatory into a hot, sun-facing side (reaching temperatures close to 230 degrees Fahrenheit), and a cold side (approximately minus 400 degrees Fahrenheit) where the sunlight is blocked from interfering with the sensitive telescope instruments. (Image: Desiree Stover via NASA)

Research Gives New Insight Into How Much Atmosphere Mars Lost

Martian environment today and in early times.

This artist’s concept depicts the early Martian environment (right) — believed to contain liquid water and a thicker atmosphere — versus the cold, dry environment seen at Mars today (left). (Image: via NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center)