Vienna’s Horse-Drawn Carriages: A Short Trip Into a Specialty of Viennese History

A horse-drawn carriage in Old Town Vienna, Austria.

The Vienna horse-drawn carriages offer a special way for visitors to experience the city's beauty and history. (Image: Sofie Schandl via Nspirement)

The Sound of Music in Salzburg, Austria

Salzburg, Austria.

More than 300,000 tourists visit Salzburg, Austria, where the film was shot, each year to tour the filming locations. (Image: Xantana via Dreamstime)

The Allure of Viennese Coffee Culture

Café Central.

One of Vienna's most lavish coffee shops, Café Central, opened its doors in 1876. (Image: via Café Central)

The Scandal of Arnold Schoenberg’s Skandalkonzert of 1913

A caricature of the Skandalkonzert, with concertgoers fighting orchestra members and each other while the conductor waves his baton and police carry people out.

When expressionist and modern music was presented to a crowd in Vienna expecting to hear classical music, the experimentalism shocked and outraged listeners. (Image: via Public Domain)

Why the 30,000-Year-Old Figurine Venus of Willendorf Still Fascinates

Venus of Willendorf limestone statuette.

Venus of Willendorf, also called Woman of Willendorf or Nude Woman, is an Upper Paleolithic female figurine and is perhaps the most familiar of some 40 small portable human figures. (Image: via Wikipedia)

Do You Know the Real Story Behind ‘The Sound of Music’?

A photo of Tracey Bell impersonating Julie Andrews' version of 'Maria' from 'The Sound of Music' with the Austrian Alps in the background.

Do you know the real story behind 'The Sound of Music'? (Image: Tracey Bell via Flickr)