Ghee and Its Health Benefits: The Golden Superfood of Indian Cuisine

Clay pot with a spoon, both filled with ghee.

Ghee is a golden gift from nature with diverse applications in cooking and healing. (Image: Strannikfox via Dreamstime)

3 Ancient Cures for a Disease-Ridden Modern World

The Unani system of medicine.

Unani originated from Greece. (Image: GNU FDL via Wikimedia Commons)

Traditional Medicine: Ayurveda in Modern Times

A green mandala meditation symbol.

Ayurveda is an ancient Indian medical system dating back thousands of years. (Image: Screenshot via YouTube)

Health Secrets From Ancient India

An Indian woman in a yoga pose.

Humans are also born with healthy organs, but as the natural environment degenerates, organs cannot function properly in these adverse conditions. Patients perform yoga inside a ward at the Commonwealth Games (CWG) Village sports complex, temporarily converted into a COVID-19 coronavirus care centre, in New Delhi (Image: Ahmedsaborty via Pixabay)