Why Does My Back Get So Sore When I’m Sick? The Connection Between Immunity and Pain

A woman with lower back pain.

Have you ever wondered why your back aches when you’re down with the flu or a cold? (Image: kevin120415 via Pixabay)

Goji Berries: Great Nourishment for Kidneys and Eyes

A bowl of goji berries.

Goji berries offer great nourishment, especially for the kidneys and eyes. (Image: Soyka via Dreamstime)

The Many Medicinal Uses of Ginger

Fresh ginger.

Although ginger is Chinese medicine, it is also a popular cooking ingredient for Asian food. (Image: Leo_65 via Pixabay)

6 Easy Ways Sedentary Workers Can Stay Healthy

A work team at the office.

Due to the socially tense environment a workplace may create in some cases, it may be vital to one's health and mental stability to set healthy boundaries at work.  (Image: via Pixels)

The Stress Connection: Lower Back Pain

A back massage.

The back is most related to the body's yang energy, and its impact is second only to the head. (Image: osteoclinic via Pixabay)

A Herbal Treatment for Back Pain

black and white photo of woman massaging a back

Eucommia bark (Du Zhong) is used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat back and leg pain. (Image: via pixabay)