Learn Moritsuke: The Art of Japanese Plating

Japanese moritsuke.

When it comes to Japanese cuisine, presentation is just as important as taste. (Image: Zendine Medium)

Feminine Journeys: 7 Tips for Balancing Adventure and Grace

Young woman in a white dress smiles at the beach.

Striking a balance between adventure and femininity allows one to embrace the thrill of discovery while celebrating the innate grace and poise of womanhood. (Image: Ariwasabi via Dreamstime)

5 Reasons Why You Should Gift Children With Balance Bikes

A pink balance bike.

Balance bikes aim to teach toddlers the basics of balance when they are in motion. (Image: Jonathan Cutrer via Flickr)

Balance: The Biggest Benefit of Tai Chi for Seniors

Tai Chi practices can help seniors deal with body balance issues. (Image: via Pixabay)