Taiwanese Bamboo Art: The Breathtaking Masterpieces From Cheng-Tsung Feng

The 'Meeting Dome.'

‘Meeting Dome’ (2022) by Cheng Tsung Feng. (Image: via chengtsung.com)

The Meaning Behind a Gift of Chopsticks

Two colorful ceramic bowls, one blue with a white design and the other coral with a white design, have wooden chopsticks resting on top of them.

Chopsticks originated in ancient China and have become unique to Eastern culture. (Image: Anutr Tosirikul via Dreamstime)

The Incredible Medicinal Properties of Bamboo

A pile of bamboo.

From that day on, Wei Guiyi used a bamboo pole to guide Huang Funeng, and no matter where she went, Huang would follow. (Image: 41330 via Pixabay)

There Is No Such Thing as Organic Bamboo Clothing

A grove of bamboo.

While clothes marketed as organic bamboo fabric are gaining popularity worldwide, it turns out that no organic bamboo textiles have actually been certified. (Image: via Pixabay)