A Brave Daughter Serves Her Father and Protects a Magistrate’s Party

A female martial arts expert.

In the Changyi area, currently the northwestern part of the Shandong Peninsula, lived an armed escort named Sun Liang, who was highly skilled, brave, and fierce. Zhuang Gu, his daughter, was equally gifted in martial arts as her father. (Image: Kung Fu via CW)

Animals That Repaid the People Who Saved Them

A man walking his dog.

All things in this world have a spiritual nature, including animals. Saved animals will always repay the benefactors who helped them. (Image: Karoline Thalhofer via Dreamstime)

The Power of Filial Piety to Change People’s Fate

Elderly Chinese couple standing outside their home in a village in China.

For the couple who have been together for a longer time, the kindness between them is as deep as the sea. (Image: Zhaojiankang via Dreamstime)

The Tale of the Heroine Luyun

A dirt road winds through the woods.

Madam Yu accepted her plea, and they traveled together. (Image: 5716594 via Pixabay)