The Mesmerizing Autumn Spectacle of Cattle Egrets in Taiwan

Autumn migration of cattle egrets in Taiwan.

The amazing annual autumn spectacle of cattle egrets in Chiayi, Taiwan. (Image: Ziya via Tai Xing Guesthouse)

The Taixing Community in Chiayi County’s Meishan Township is an ideal place to view the annual migration of cattle egrets in Taiwan.

Yaphui Phong and His 7-Year Journey Capturing the Beauty of Taiwan

A stormy sea in Taiwan.

In 2015, Yaphui Phong came to Taiwan and studied at the National Chin-Yi University of Technology Department of Electrical Engineering. (Image: Yaphui Phong)

A Splendid Mesona Flower Festival in Taiwan

A sculpture in the mesona fields.

The Taoyuan Mesona Flower Festival is held in northern Taiwan's Taoyuan City. (Image: Billy Shyu via Nspirement)