An Amazing AI-Equipped Backpack for the Blind

AI engineer Jagadish Mahendran.

Mahendran and his team designed an artificial intelligence-powered, voice-activated backpack that can help the visually impaired navigate and perceive the world around them. (Image: via Jagadish Mahendran)

A Black Cow Gives Birth to a White Calf: A Test of Faith

A white calf in a meadow.

One day, a black cow they owned gave birth to a white calf without reason. (Image: Jose Manuel Gelpi Diaz via Dreamstime)

Egypt’s Inspirational Blind Women’s Orchestra

Egypt's blind women's orchestra.

Al Nour Wal Amal, when translated into English, means light and hope, and they have truly been a harbinger of hope for people with visual disabilities, especially girls. (Image: via

Untold Story Behind the Simon and Garfunkel Song ‘The Sound Of Silence’

Art Garfunkel (left) and Paul Simon (right).

‘The Sound of Silence’ was a song released in 1965 by Art Garfunkel (left) and Paul Simon (right). (Image: via Wikimedia Commons)

An American Academy That Teaches Music to the Blind

A young child playing a piano.

Did you know that music can make mathematics more enjoyable for students? (Image: Vladvictoria via Pixabay)

Master Ho Helps Li Zhou See Through His Blindness

A lotus flower.

She did not expect her rescuer to utter the words 'I know,' which was very comforting to hear at that moment. (Image: yyryyr1030 via Pixabay)

Are Blind People Immune to Schizophrenia?

A blind man walking with a cane.

The latest research suggests that blindness protects a person from schizophrenia. (Image: Screenshot via YouTube)