From Dead Ends to New Beginnings: Understanding the Power of Change in Life

Red traffic light in a downtown area.

When things develop to an extreme point and it seems you have nowhere left to go, you have to turn around to make a change. (Image: Kawee Wateesatogkij via Dreamstime)

Jing Fang: Worldly Skill Without Spiritual Development Leads to His Downfall

Close-up of an I Ching hexagram.

Jing Fang, a master of prophecy and divination techniques, accurately predicted disasters, but he ultimately fell victim to his own predictive abilities. (Image: Rainer via Dreamstime)

Divination for 2021: Danger at the End of the Gengzi Cycle

A depiction of outerspace with an opening to Heaven that shines a beam of light down on the Earth.

The end of a full cycle of the Chinese calendar is an event that happens once every 600 years and divination calls for danger at this time, the end of the Gengzi cycle. (Image: via PublicDomainPictures)

Traditional Chinese Culture: ‘Male Left, Female Right’

Pagoda at the edge of a lake in Asia.

The yin and yang theory from Chinese culture indicates that all things in nature have two opposing sides. (Image: ilhamtakim0612 via Pixabay)