6 Foods That Boost Immunity in Winter

A plate of roasted vegetables on a napkin on a table.

Eating vegetables every day is one way you can help enhance the body's immunity during the winter months. (Image: Bhofack2 via Dreamstime)

How Amazing: Listening to Music Pieces Can Improve Dementia and Boost Immunity

Woman playing a flute.

In the Heian period, hearing the music of stringed instruments and flutes would make the travelers feel lonely for home. (Image: Jackq via Dreamstime)

Important Tips to Enhance Your Immunity


 Like a protective umbrella and defense army, the immune system can enhance the body's resistance to diseases and reduce one's susceptibility to infections. (Image: PublicDomainPictures via Pixabay)

Doctor Recommends 5 Ways to Help Prevent Viral Infection

A person wearing a face mask.

Dr. Jiang Shoushan from Taiwan recommends boosting your immunity to help prevent the spread of the CCP coronavirus. (Image: Screenshot via YouTube)

6 Reasons Why Walking in the Rain Is Beneficial

A couple with an umbrella walking in the rain.

Walking in the rain is actually a very beneficial activity both for the mind and body. (Image: Horacio30 via Pixabay)

The Incredible Medicinal Properties of Bamboo

A pile of bamboo.

From that day on, Wei Guiyi used a bamboo pole to guide Huang Funeng, and no matter where she went, Huang would follow. (Image: 41330 via Pixabay)