Birthstones by Zodiac Sign: What They Say About Your Personality

Birthstones forming a heart shape.

Most scholars trace the tradition of wearing birthstones to ancient traditions. The ancients believed that specific stones could improve luck, fortune, and wealth for the wearer. (Image: Photowitch via Dreamstime)

Greg Thomas: The Man Who Experienced a Miracle While Repairing an Abandoned Church

The old church building.

The old church building. (Image: WAVY TV 10 via YouTube)

Surviving Cancer: Oncologists Share Their Personal Experiences and 4 Key Tips for Prevention

Hospital staff.

The 5-year survival rate of oncologists is higher than that of the general public after a cancer diagnosis. (Image: Wavebreakmedia Ltd via Dreamstime)

A Remedy for the Leading Causes of Death During the Pandemic

Man having a heart attack.

How does one react to emergencies like a fainting or panic attack, heart attack, or stroke? According to Ellen Nguyen, traditional Chinese medicine has always had a first aid method. (Image: Suriyaphoto via Dreamstime)

Were You Born Under the Lucky Planet of Jupiter?

The planet Jupter.

Although Jupiter is a planet, its positioning signifies good things to come depending on your zodiac sign. (Image: Forplayday via Dreamstime)

Are Breast Implants Making You Sick? It’s Time to Know the Truth

Three breast implants.

While many women opt for breast implant surgery as it serves specific aesthetic purposes, the risks are worth considering. (Image: Jan Hrnjak via Dreamstime)

Inspired By Her Best Friend, Jackelyn Kastanis Makes Women Battling Cancer Feel Beautiful

A cancer patient lying in bed.

While cancer may be cured, the disease makes the victims feel depressed and lonely. (Image: Katarzyna Bialasiewicz via Dreamstime)

Terry Fox: The One-Legged Runner and Canadian Hero

Terry Fox running across Canada.

Terry Fox's cross-Canada run inspired a nation and raised millions of dollars for cancer research. (Image: via The Terry Fox Foundation)

Grace Berbig Spreading Kindness After the Death of Her Mother

Grace Burbig and her daughter.

Grace promised herself she would do something meaningful to honor her mother’s memory and she made good on her promise by building a nonprofit from the ground up. (Image: via Letters of Love)

Heed These 8 Potential Early Warning Signs of Cancer

Young woman with cancer holding her shaved head.

Early detection and early treatment of cancer can mean the difference between a poor prognosis and a good prognosis. (Image: Fizkes via Dreamstime)