7 Ways to Practice Virtue in Dating

Young man and woman sitting together while watching boats in the harbor.

Integrating virtue in dating fosters a foundation of respect, honesty, and empathy, leading to more meaningful and authentic relationships. (Image: Martinmark via Dreamstime)

Unlocking the Key to Attaining Radiant Beauty

A young attractive woman is leaning against a white wall.

If you want to look beautiful, you must first have a beautiful heart. (Image: Angelo Cordeschi via Dreamstime)

A Life Lesson Learned From a Wolf

Close-up of a gray wolf in the woods.

A young man's encounter with a ferocious wolf teaches him a life lesson. (Image: Jon Anders Wiken via Dreamstime)

True Friendship Is Noble

Terracotta army statues found at the mausoleum of the First Qin Emperor.

In the first year of Zhenguan, Li Jie was the governor of Bingzhou, and Zhang Wenguan was a military attaché. (Image: Broken Spear via Wikimedia Commons)

An Extraordinary 5-Year-Old Girl Is the Carer of Her Grandma and Great-Grandma

Anna cleaning the face of her grandmother..

Anna helps her grandmother freshen-up in the morning. (Image: via NTDTV)