2 Stories Portraying Genuine Love and Caring Respect

A mural of a blue butterfly being held in someone's hands, painted on a brick wall.

There is nothing more important in life than simply understanding and having compassion for others. (Image: Cammeraydave via Dreamstime)

4 Uplifting Stories About Family Love, Laughter, and Tears

A family walking on the beach.

Every family has cherished memories and stories, events, and anecdotes of good times, happy times, and difficulties. (Image: Darren Baker via Dreamstime)

5 Dollars Changed the Fate of Two People

A wad of $5 notes.

Half a year later, I estimated that the money would be used up, and the elder daughter would certainly ask me for help. (Image: SofiLayla via Piixabay)

A Rich Woman Helps Her People and the Kingdom

Beautiful ancient temple on the seaside with blue sky and fog, Dongtou island, Wenzhou, Zhejiang province, China