The Most Touching Stories of Filial Piety

Hand painted image of a Chinese woman in ancient clothing serving her mother or mother-in-law a tray of food.

For Chinese people, filial piety — honoring, respecting, and fulfilling one's duties to one's parents — is considered to be the first of the hundred virtues. (Image: Ziqing via Kan Zhong Guo)

Filial Piety: A Virtue Prized Above All Others

Elderly Chinese parents pose for a photo with their daughter in a restaurant.

In traditional Chinese culture, loving, respecting, and caring for one's parents is the virtue prized above all others. (Image: Linqong via Dreamstime)

10 Sentences You Should Never Say to Your Parents

Three generations of a Chinese family.

Your parents brought you into this world and gave you a life to live in this world. So be nice to them when they are alive. (Image: Monkey Business via Dreamstime)

Being Thoughtful

Thoughtfulness between parents and children can take many different forms. (Image: via Pixabay)