Historic Chinese Tales Reveal the Consequences of Good and Evil Deeds

Mural of a bronze Buddha with his disciple kneeling in the front to pray.

Divine eyes bear witness: Each act of good or evil is repaid in kind. (Image: Shanshan533 via Dreamstime)

Cause and Effect Behind Lightning Warnings

Lightning flashing from the clouds during a thunderstorm.

Lightning warnings from deities shaped many stories in ancient China, where it was believed earthly phenomena were divinely controlled. (Image: Christianm via Dreamstime)

Psychologist Illuminates One of Humanity’s Most Fundamental Concepts: Cause and Effect

A burning match and smoke.

Did the match cause the brush fire, or the was it the years of dry leaves on the forest floor? (Image: roegger via Pixabay)

Why a Divine Horse Knelt in Front of a Merchant — the Circle of Deeds

A Buddha statue.

Once she looked back, standing before her was not the old blind lady anymore but a Buddha with incomparable majesty and a kind of compassion that no words in the world can describe. (Image: via Pixabay)