3 Soups That Will Keep You Healthy During Winter

Spicy whole fish soup.

Spicy whole fish soup. (Image: via Flickr)

What Are the 7 Best Foods to Recover From an Illness?

Man with a beard feeling sick with indigestion and about to drop an effervescent tablet in a glass of water at home.

When you’re not feeling well, you generally lose your appetite, but there are some foods that can actually help you heal. (Image: Antoniodiaz via Dreamstime)

Chicken Feet Broth Nourishes Qi and Supports Fertility

Chicken broth and chicken feet with vegetables, spices and herbs on gray background.

Chicken feet may look a little scary at first, but they make a most nourishing and nutrient-rich stock. (Image: Michael Ahanov via Dreamstime)

Chicken Soup for Your Soul

A bowl of chicken noodle soup.

Chicken soup is considered a food/medicine. (Image: kalhh via Pixabay)