Is War in Space Inevitable?

Earth seen from a viewport in the International Space Station.

With other nations wanting their own space stations, the U.S. is ramping up their anti-satellite testing. (Image: Ievgenii Tryfonov via Dreamstime)

NASA Chief Warns About Chinese Space Station

Two astronauts conduct a space walk.

A new partnership has been signed between Australia and the UK for increasing investment and knowledge exchange between the space sectors of the two countries. (Image: Pixabay via NASA)

China’s Survey Telescope Due to Be Built by 2022

The Wide Field Survey Telescope.

The instrument is called the Wide Field Survey Telescope, or WFST, and has an estimated cost of 200 million yuan (US$28 million). (Image: via Chinese Academy of Sciences)

Chinese Satellite Launch Results in Debris Dropped on Settlement

Chinese satellite launches.

China recently launched two satellites into space for their GNS (global navigation satellite) system that is being built as a rival to the U.S.-led GPS system. (Image: Screenshot via YouTube)