Stay Alert to Mysterious Warnings of a Pending Catastrophe

Famous ancient Shanxi Village of Jianchuan, Yunnan, China. Photo to illustrate a story of a ragged soil-seller who's actions warned villagers of a catastrophe and told them virtue and tolerance could save people.

A long time ago, a ragged man came to a village in China and tried to sell baskets full of earth to save people from a disaster. (Image: Beibaoke1 via Dreamstime)

How the Chinese Phoenix Got Its Feathers

The Chinese phoenix.

The Chinese phoenix, also known as Fenghuang, is a mythological bird that symbolizes high virtue and grace. (Image: Alakoo via Dreamstime)

The Timeless Story of Sun Wukong, the Monkey King

The Monkey King Sun Wukong.

The characters in a story are what make it come to life. (Image: via Secret China)

Nian: A Lunar New Year Story

The Nian monster.

Some local legends attribute the Chinese lion dance to the legend of 'Nian.' (Image: Kukotaekaterina via Dreamstime)