The Unyielding Spirit of Xu Hongci: From a Rising Communist Star to a Fugitive of the State (Part 2)

Xu Hongci and his Mongolian wife.

Having fled the hardships of political persecution in China, Xu Hongci found solace and companionship with his Mongolian wife. (Image: Public Domain via NTDTV)

The Unyielding Spirit of Xu Hongci: From a Rising Communist Star to a Fugitive of the State (Part 1)

Xu Hongci.

The story of Xu Hongci, who went from a communist prodigy to political pariah and prison escapee, is a testament to human resilience in the face of political persecution. (Image: Public Domain via NTDTV)

The Greatest Kindness Melts the Iron Curtain: Revisiting the Movie ‘Eavesdropping Storm’

The Berlin Wall.

After 1949, terrible darkness fell all over East Germany. It became shrouded in an autocratic communist iron rule behind the infamous Iron Curtain. (Image: Haotian via Dreamstime)

Tian Han, the Persecuted Writer of China’s National Anthem

Tian Han (R) and

National Museum, wax figures of Tian Han (right) and Xia Yan (left). (Image: Zjm7100 via Dreamstime)

Julie Squires Family: From Communism to Canada

Julie Squires and her family.

Squires (second from the left) and her family arrived in Canada in 1968. (Image: via Julie Squires)

How ‘Iron Lady’ Margaret Thatcher Saw Hong Kong and Communism

'Iron Lady' Margaret Thatcher.

Margaret Thatcher, former British Prime Minister and Leader of the Conservative party, at a press conference on July 1, 1991 in London (Image: David Fowler via Dreamstime)

How Finland’s Winter War Against the Soviet Union Compares to Ukraine Today

Finnish soldiers manning a machine gun in Findland's Winter War.

A Finnish machinegun nest during the 1939-1940 Winter War. (Image: Military Museum of Finland)

The 1936 Berlin Olympics Are Clearly Reflected in Beijing’s 2022 Winter Olympics

Adolph Hitler at the 1936 Olympics.

Human rights advocates see a parallel between the muted response to China’s repression of the Uyghurs and others and America’s failure to challenge Nazi moves against the Jews in the 1930s. (Image: via Public Domain)

Earth to Hipsters: Che Guevara Is Not Cool

Cuban pesos with the image of Che Guevara on the front.

People with a romanticized view of Che Guevara are generally unaware of just how much blood he had on his hands. (Image: Wrangel via Dreamstime)

Defectors Describe Why North Korea is Hell on Earth

North Korea.

If you commit a political crime in communist North Korea, such as watching a foreign film, you won’t be the only one who gets severely punished. (Image: Mirko Kuzmanovic via Dreamstime)