3 Fruits to Relieve Constipation

Fresh and dried plums.

Whether fresh or dried, plums are a great way to prevent and relieve constipation. (Image: Olga Kriger via Dreamstime)

High Fiber Foods

Constipation Cures and Causes

Blond woman in healing center.

Constipation cures and causes. (Image:Screenshot via YouTube)

Massage Your Fingers and Hands for Minor Illnesses

Young female Asian model wearing a fashionable and elegant sweater standing in front of a pink background rubbing her hand with a look of suffering on her face.

It is possible for you to massage your fingers and hands to improve minor symptoms of various illnesses. (Image: Aaron Amat via Dreamstime)

Do You Know the Benefits of Balsam Pears?

With So Many Different Uses, Tiger Balm Is Simply From Heaven!

A jar of Tiger Balm oinment.

Tiger Balm has so many different applications, it is truly heaven sent. (Image: Zhi Qi via Dreamstime)

6 Groups of Acupoints That Provide Relief From Common Maladies