My Child Has a Cough, so What’s Wrong With Using Cough Syrup?

Adult pouring liquid medicine into a spoon to give to a child.

As winter approaches, many parents will be bracing for the cold and flu season. (Image: Jean Paul Chassenet via Dreamstime)

Eating Daikon in Winter to Fight Cancer and Reduce Weight

Daikon radish on a cutting board next to slices of daikon and a pile of shredded daikon.

Daikon is to the Chinese what apples are to Westerners – eating them every day keeps the doctor away. (Image: Amnachphoto via Dreamstime)

Here Are 3 Home Remedies to Alleviate Coughing

A blonde woman with a dark coat and gray scarf coughs while standing on a sidewalk.

Sometimes it is quite difficult to stop coughing. (Image: Nenitorx via Dreamstime)

Garlic: 8 Natural Remedies

Cloves of garlic sitting on a wooden surface.

foods such as wolfberry, garlic, and ginger are good for preventing blood clots. (Image: Kjokkenutstyr Net via Flickr)

6 Groups of Acupoints That Provide Relief From Common Maladies

How to Weather the Autumn Cold

A young woman lying on top of leaves.

If your throat falls victim to the change of seasons, Traditional Chinese Medicine can offer some help. (Image: DanaTentis via Pixabay)

Foods Recommended in Traditional Chinese Medicine to Treat a Cough

Stewed pears

Stewed pears with crystal sugar can treat a dry cough. (Image: via Epoch Times)