Artistic Australian Porcelain Art Teachers

Hand-painted porcelain.

Porcelain plates have special techniques and original designs. (Image: via Trisha Haddock)

A traditional design using the theme, time on porcelain at the APAT exhibition 2022. Image by Trisha Haddock

The Basics of Traditional Basket Weaving

A native American weaving a basket.

Basket weaving uses natural materials to produce baskets. (Image: cocoparisienne via Pixabay)

Extending Your Hand of Friendship by Making a Paper Lotus Flower

A paper lotus flower.

A handmade paper lotus flower as a kind gesture of friendship and peace. (Image: via Janine Rankin)

A Chinese Tribe That Makes Clothing From Fish

A Hezhen tribe member.

The Hezhen tribe is known for making clothes from fish skins. (Image: Screenshot via YouTube)