6 Reasons Why You Should Teach Your Children How to Sew

A child sewing.

When your child picks upon sewing, they not only open themselves up to a more artistic side, but this also helps them develop real-life values and skills. (Image: Vichaya Kiatyingangsulee via Dreamstime)

Handmade Crafts and the Compassion of the Loose Ends Project

yarn ball

The Loose Ends Project is an organization that focuses on connecting people through its website to complete unfinished crafts left behind by loved ones. (Image: Rozenn Leard via Dreamstime)

The Traditional Process of Hemp Rope Making

A field of industrial hemp.

Hemp is a great material for making rope. (Image: Lindrik via Dreamstime)

A Trending Craft: Irish Quilt Patterns

A circular quilt pattern.

Irish quilt patterns are trending on many sites across the globe. (Image: Catherine Jones via Dreamstime)