Life Experience and Wisdom: A Peasant Woman’s Peppers

Red, yellow, and green peppers sitting in a basket.

It seemed that the peasant woman was the only person who didn't divide her peppers into two piles. (Image: mistyhamel0 via Pixabay)

Teen Tyce Pender Started His Own Business to Help Cover His Adoption Costs

Tyce Pender and his stepfather Eric Jenkins.

Tyce Pender, 14, wants his stepfather Eric Jenkins to adopt him and his big brother, so he started a lawn care business to help cover the legal costs. (Image: via Eric Jenkins)

2 Short Stories Showing How Lateral Thinking Works 

Light bulbs standing upright on a table with one of them lit.

The best way of thinking is to look at things from a different angle. (Image: Fernando Gregory via Dreamstime)

5 Examples of Reverse Thinking: Using Creative Ways to Find Solutions

Doctors examining the human brain.

Our brain starts to malfunction even when we think that we are still young!    (Image: Elnur via Dreamstime)

Marketing Combs to Monks in a Startling Way

A large gathering of monks wearing orange robes.

A company used a competition involving selling combs to monks to choose their director of marketing. (Image: suc via Pixabay)