African Crocodiles Lived in Spain 6 Million Years Ago

A crocodile next to a mastodon elephant.

A crocodile next to a mastodon of the genus Anancus and primitive horses of the genus Hipparion in a similar environment to what could have been Valencia 6 million years ago. (Image: José Antonio Peñas (SINC))

They Walked! Prehistoric Crocodiles Were Bipedal

Ancient bipedal crocodiles.

Tracks found in South Korea have been identified as belonging to ancient crocodylomorphs that walked on two legs. (Image: Screenshot via YouTube)

Illegal Wildlife Trade in the U.S.: Bears and Crocodiles Are Popular

Two bears fighting.

The illegal trafficking of wildlife and wild animal parts is the fourth largest form of criminality in the world and a major threat to global biodiversity. (Image: Steppinstars via Pixabay)

Researchers Discover More About Ancient Crocodiles

An ancient crocodile.

This study showed that these early crocodilians, the shartegosuchids, are important because they evolved a completely closed secondary palate much earlier than previously thought. (Image: via Viktor Rademacher)