China Is Preparing Digital Dossiers on Foreigners

World map overlaid with one's and zero's and the image of a padlock.

Through a digital surveillance campaign, Beijing has managed to amass a vast database with profiles of millions of people worldwide. (Image: Tumisu via Pixabay)

Chinese Group Busy Hacking Government Networks in Asia-Pacific

Computer hacking.

APT41 had deep connections with the Chinese government, as can be seen by their activity. (Image: geralt via Pixabay)

Video Conferencing Service Zoom a Security Risk, Say Analysts

A Zoom conference.

Zoom, the popular video conferencing app, has been misleading their customers about end-to-end encryption. (Image: Screenshot via YouTube)

Easy Security Hack: Cracking Firewalls Using Spy Chips

a username and password.

A cybersecurity expert has demonstrated a way to implant spy chips into popular hardware that is so cheap that anyone with US$200 can easily do it. (Image: Screenshot via YouTube)

Chinese-Made Drones Can Potentially Be a Risk to U.S. Cyber Security

Two drones flying above the ground.

Chinese-made drones are susceptible to cyber espionage according to U.S. officials. (Image: DJI-Agras via Pixabay)

Chinese Hackers Charged by US for Stealing Business Secrets

The U.S. administration has charged two Chinese nationals with stealing sensitive business secrets from several American and international companies. (Image: via Nspirement)

American Security and Prosperity Threatened by Chinese Espionage