Crater Lake: The National Park on Top of a Dormant Volcano

A woman relaxing in a hammock with a view of Crater Lake at sunset.

If you're looking for a new adventure that's both beautiful and mysterious, Crater Lake National Park is the perfect destination for you. (Image: Kwiktor via Dreamstime)

10 Tips to Begin Your Bikepacking Adventure

Packed mountain bike in the mountains.ound

Bikepacking adventure 101! Look after your bike and your bike will look after you. (Image: Raffaele Giordano)

CCP Coronavirus Restrictions: No More Leisure Cycling in Europe

Two people cycling down a path.

The UK’s Bicycle Association argued that cycling should not be banned, as it enables travel without using public transport. (Image: Antranias via Pixabay)

Now You Know: How an E-Bike Works

An e-bike.

Electric bikes can make cycling a pleasant experience for everyone, even when riding uphill. (Image: Screenshot via YouTube)