Try This Simple Free Method to Help Relax

Young Asian woman with her eyes closed, face turned up to the sun, hands raised, and arms outstretched standing on a beach.

Using breathing exercises is a great way to relax, reduce tension, and relieve stress. (Image: Sony Akbar Wibowo via Dreamstime)

Give Yourself a Break: The Power of Self-Compassion

Tired woman with laptop at her desk, appearing stressed by problems.

We were often told by our peers that life is a rat-race and we must run faster if we wish to achieve any happiness and self-worth in life. (Image: Anyaberkut via Dreamstime)

4 Ways to Always Be in Control of Your Emotions

A happy couple.

If two people have empathy, and take each other’s feelings into account, there will be fewer quarrels, violence, and disintegration of the family. (Image: via Pixabay)

How Gratitude Can Help You Cope With Crises

Man with arms outstretched at sunset.

A feeling of gratitude can help you cope with the CCP virus situation. (Image: avi_acl via Pixabay)