9 Practical Tips for Designing a Room That Speaks to You

Table laid out with interior design sketches, paint swatches, paint brushes, and a tablet that shows the completed design of the room.

Learn how to accessorize with purpose, illuminate your space, and personalize it to reflect your unique style. (Image: Roman Romaniuk via Dreamstime)

4 Reasons Why Decluttering Will Improve Your Mind, Body, and Soul


A tidy and organized home invites happiness, productivity, and peace of mind, which is why it's best that you keep it that way. (Image: Marek Uliasz via Dreamstime)

Decluttering Tips From Experts to Help You Get Organized

A woman holding a white shirt and kneeling on the floor by some boxes with "keep", "donate", and "discard" written on them decluttering her closet.

Spring cleaning is upon us, and now is the perfect time to ask the experts for their takes on the best spring cleaning and decluttering practices. (Image: Andrey Popov via Dreamstime)

Less Is More: How to Start Decluttering

A cluttered room piled full of boxes of junk.

When items are cluttered, it's like walking through a pile of the unknown, where it takes ages to find what you're looking for. (Image: Ingrid Balabanova via Dreamstime)