10 Practical Ways to Get Rid of Body Odor Naturally

A man with body odor.

Body odor is a natural occurrence that results from an interaction between sweat and bacteria on our skin. However, unpleasant and persistent body odor can be the biggest source of self-consciousness, which may impact your self-esteem and social interactions. (Image: Airdone via Dreamstime)

5 Health Benefits of Flaxseeds: A Superfood Worth Adding to Your Diet

Dark flaxseeds.

Discover the power of flaxseeds, the tiny, crunchy superfood packed with nutrients that's poised to deliver an array of health benefits to your daily meals. (Image: Sommai Sommai via Dreamstime)

6 Foods That Help Control High Blood Pressure

Testing blood pressure.

Eating these 6 foods can help control high blood pressure. (Image: Noipornpan via Dreamstime)

Protein Powder and Its Negative Side Effects  

A man drinking a protein shake.

Protein powder has many benefits, however, it also has some side effects. (Image: Syda Productions via Dreamstime)

12 Secrets to Live Over 100 Years Without Dementia

Happy senior couple holding hands and walking on the beach.

Social media is awash with what to say, how to look, or how to be happy all the time.(Image: Darren Baker via Dreamstime)

7 Powerful Anti-Inflammatory Foods

Woman wearing a blue shawl holding her wrist.

Inflammation — is this our body's way of communicating disease? (Image: Tamara Bellis via Unsplash)

How Porridge Can Help You Strengthen Your Immunity During the Spring Season

Oatmeal porridge.

After a night of fasting during sleep, your metabolism needs a boost to get going. Eating a healthy breakfast signals to your body that it’s time to kickstart the metabolism, which in turn helps you burn calories more efficiently throughout the day. (Image: via Max Pixel)

9 Incredible Foods to Help Prevent Chronic Disease

An ambulance on a snowy road.

Eat, drink, and be merry in moderation to prevent chronic disease. You do not want to burden and worry your loved ones and emergency services with your excesses. (Image: G G via Dreamstime)

5 Foods That Can Help Relieve Painful Arthritis

5 Useful Diet Recipes to Help Relieve Coughs

A bowl of congee.

Opt to eat bland and warm food. (Image: Travis Juntara via Flickr)