6 Ways to Help Prevent Diabetes

Equipment for measuring diabetes.

Many people worldwide have diabetes, but many more don't know how to prevent this disease until symptoms become apparent. (Image: via Pixabay)

8 Ways to Feed Your Immune System and Improve Your Wellbeing

A female runner stretching.

Getting exercise on a regular basis is one of the keys to staying healthy and supporting a healthy immune system. (Image: Wanida Prapan via Dreamstime)

Lengthen Your Life by Changing 5 Bad Habits

Two elderly cyclists astride their bicycles stop to give each other a high-five.

Getting in the habit of regular exercise will lengthen your life. (Image: Germana Marengo via Dreamstime)

Tiredness and Fatigue Are Different: How to Cope With the Latter

A woman lying in bed with no energy.

In some cases, people feel a continuous lack of energy and desire to lay low even though they have not worked hard. That is what is clinically called fatigue. (Image: Rodjulian via Dreamstime)

10 Tips for Cancer Prevention

Overweight woman uses a measuring tape to check her waist size.

Being overweight or obese can promote the development of cancer. (Image: Suriya Yapin via Dreamstime)

5 Causes of Nighttime Leg Cramps

Older man with a leg cramp.

Nighttime leg cramps are painful and incapacitating. (Image: Satjawat Boontanataweepol via Dreamstime)

Tips to Start Weight Loss Practice

A blue plate with weight loss.

Start taking small and effective steps to lose weight. (Image: TotalShape via Pixabay)

Important Tips to Enhance Your Immunity


 Like a protective umbrella and defense army, the immune system can enhance the body's resistance to diseases and reduce one's susceptibility to infections. (Image: PublicDomainPictures via Pixabay)

6 Tips to Help You Lose Weight and Keep It Off

Vegetables for losing weight.

Losing weight is a major concern for many people. (Image: zuzyusa via Pixabay)

9 Ways to Increase Immunity and Stay Healthy

Man yelling into a phone.

It is sad but true that our society has come to accept certain types of toxic behaviors as normal. (Image: via Pexels)