Jennifer Garner Makes a Solid Impression With Her Fitness Skills 

Jennifer Garner.

Jennifer Garner has three kids, but you would never guess it by looking at her! (Image: Karon Liu via Flickr)

Is Intermittent Fasting for Everyone?

Lose Weight the No-Diet Way

Scale and frustrated woman sitting on floor holding head and arms on knees.

There are thousands of weight-loss diets, and the number of people getting fed up with the lack of success from trying them keeps growing with time. (Image: Tero Vesalainen via Dreamstime)

11 Incredible Benefits of Peanuts

Peanuts in the shell.

No matter your age or weight, the benefits of eating peanuts are many and can play an important role in all kinds of diets. (Image: Jiannan Feng via Dreamstime)

Help Relieve Joint Problems With Diet

Fresh organic green leafy vegetables, carrots, zucchini, potatoes, onions, garlic, cauliflower, tomatoes, potatoes, turnips, and herbs seen against a dark blue surface.

Eating the right diet is an important foundation in helping prevent the pain and inflammation of osteoarthritis. (Image: Oksana Slepko via Dreamstime)

5 Different Types of Intermittent Fasting Plans

A bowl of fruit sits next to a watch on a wooden surface beside a label that says "intermittent fasting."

Intermittent fasting is believed to help with weight loss by creating a net calorie deficit while also helping to regulate metabolic health. (Image: Marco Verch via Flickr)

How You Can Lose Weight With a Plant-Based Diet

Plate with a vegan wrap and salad.

Plant-based diets are becoming increasingly common in Western societies. (Image: stenholz via Pixabay)

The Diet of Our Ancestors: A Cure for Obesity?

Natives hunting an elephant.

The paleo diet focuses on foods like lean meats, fish, eggs, fruits, berries, nuts, and seeds — foods that in the past were hunted or gathered. (Image: via Wikimedia Commons)

‘The China Study’: Diet, Genes, and Diseases

A Chinese family eating dinner.

'The China Study' contains results from 20 years of nutrition research conducted in China and covers 6,500 adults in 65 counties. (Image: Screenshot via YouTube)

The Wonder of Congee

A large bowl of congee.

Congee has been a traditional health-preserving food in the East for centuries. (Image: Daiju Azuma via Wikimedia Commons)